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Essential Oils in Wilmington NC

What’s in it for you, Wilmingtonians?

Young Living delivers the best 100% pure essential oils in Wilmington NC. These are authentic essential oils with the highest quality and are beyond reproach.

These therapeutic-grade oils work along with our bodies at the cellular specific level. One particular way they are very helpful is that they work with the olfactory nerves in our noses that directly affect the limbic system in our brains which controls close to everything including stress, blood pressure, mood, and memory.

Each individual plant and the oils they contain… have their own unique significant constituency compound. The following is an incomplete list of their therapeutic characteristics:

  • Antibiotic

  • Antibacterial

  • Antispasmodic

  • Antiviral

  • Analgesic

  • Cellular protection

  • Diuretic

  • Expectorant

  • Disinfectant

  • Antidepressant

They work as very dominant antioxidants. They contain oxygen molecules that assist in transporting nutrients to cells that require them, and detoxify the cells and blood in the body.

Since they are tiny molecules, they’re quite easily taken in through the skin, can enter cell membranes (stops viruses from reproducing) and cross the blood–brain barrier, which makes them especially helpfully for learning, concentration, mood support, and memory.

Where Can You Buy These Oils in a Wilmington Store?

Unfortunately, you can’t buy these top quality oils or diffuser from just any store. The best way to get them is from the source and that is Young Living! To buy essential oils from Young Living – the one step you need to do is to click the “purchase” button below to get started and to allow us to guide you towards a life of better health and wellness. You absolutely won’t be able to buy these essential oils in Walmart.

“My husband suffers from really bad allergies seasonally, he is especially allergic to grass. This past spring we were both positive our allergies had resulted in a sinus infection and that we were going to have to go to the after hours clinic to get some meds. I had just recently gotten my Everyday Essential Oils kit and began looking up what might help.

One of the suggestions I found was to do a Lavender swipe, take a drop of Lavender on your finger and swipe it on the insides of your cheeks so it immediately crosses into your blood stream. We both did this and had all the kids do it as well.
The next morning we woke up and all our sinus pressure was gone, no headaches from it, and just a little stuffiness. We did the swipe again and by the second day we were cleared.
Now anytime we feel allergies acting up we immediately go for the Lavender. My kids even ask for the Lavender swipe. My husband also puts a drop on a q-tip and swabs it inside each nostril when he has a stuffy nose.

This past allergy season, that was one of the worst due to a lack of winter, my husband was able to use Lavender only and didn’t have to take any of those over the counter allergy meds that he usually takes around the clock.”

Katrina M.

Wilmington Health Info

The water quality-wise in Wilmington, North Carolina is 68 on a sliding scale to 100 (higher is better). Please take notice that this is a gauge of Watershed quality. This is not the H2O that flows from your sink. The EPA said that a “good” watershed is closely tied to drinking water quality. They have a difficult way of analyzing watershed quality using several signals such as chemicals, pH, bacteria, and metals.

Air quality in Wilmington, North Carolina is 67 on a scale to one hundred (higher is better). This is built on fresh measures of malignant air pollutants from the EPA, named the National Air Toxics Assessment. This research models respiratory illness and cancer risk narrowed down to the zip code point, generating more detail and insight than the earlier analysis built solely on measurements from air monitoring units.

First published at Best Places to Live Wilmington NC

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